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Safe and acceptable water for human consumption that is available in sufficient quantity, physically accessible and affordable is a crucial prerequisite for human wellbeing. Access to safe water is not only fundamental to good health but also to satisfactory livelihoods, dignity and prospects for economic growth and education. The lack of access to sufficient amounts of safe water leads to human suffering and to loss of human potential which is ethically indefensible as well as economically wasteful.

Access to sufficient quantities of safe water for drinking and domestic uses and also for commercial and industrial applications is critical to health and wellbeing and the opportunity to achieve human and economic development. People in many areas of the world have historically suffered from inadequate access to safe water. Some must walk long distances just to obtain sufficient water to sustain life. As a result they have had to endure health consequences and have not had the opportunity to develop their resources and capabilities to achieve major improvements in the well – being. With growth of world population the availability of the limited quantities of fresh water decreases. 

Desalination technologies were introduced about 50 years ago at and were able to expand access to water, but at high cost. Developments of new and improved technologies have now significantly broadened the opportunities to access major quantities of safe water in many parts of the world. Costs are still significant but there has been a reducing cost trend, and the option is much more widely available. When the alternative is no water or inadequate water greater cost may be endurable in many circumstances. 

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